HealthySole® is the One Missing Step in Infection Control and Bundling Programs

HealthySole® is the first clinically proven UVC product to kill up to 99.99% of exposed microorganisms such as bacterial and viral pathogens on the soles of shoes in 8 seconds. HealthySole® is also effective against fungi and bacterial spores that travel on shoe soles leading to the spread of infection via inhalation or horizontal translation from surface and air contamination.

By adding HealthySole® to an existing infection control program, the facility will decrease the overall microbial load starting with shoe and floor contamination. HealthySole® significantly decreases the aerosolizing, migration, or transfer of deadly pathogens that may lead to higher healthcare-associated infections (HAI) rates. HealthySole® is an active UVC germicidal system that reduces infectious organisms with virtually no workflow interruption, additional staff or monetary cost to operate.

ETL/CETL and CE listed

Exposure Rates: With an Exposure Rate of 97+%, HealthySole® is shown to kill up to 99% of exposed deadly organisms on the bottom of shoes.