Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about HealthySole®.

  • Does UV really work?

    Yes, UVC germicidal light, if used properly, is highly effective in destroying microorganisms. UVC germicidal light separates the molecular bond in the organisms DNA. This process kills the organism and doesn’t allow mutations or cause super bugs. UVC kills viruses, mold, spores, fungi, and bacteria.

  • The first time I stood on HealthySole® it didn't start disinfecting right away.

    That is most likely due to shoe placement. It is necessary to align your feet properly over the foot cutouts for the sensors to approve alignment and start the fast 8-second disinfection process. The LCD will help you by displaying a diagram with green for proper foot placement and red for where your foot needs to be moved slightly for proper alignment. Like most products, the first time takes a little getting used to, but most users are adept at using HealthySole® by the second or third usage.

  • Where is HealthySole® manufactured?

    HealthySole® is proudly made in the USA in DETECTO's factory in Webb City, MO. DETECTO was founded in 1900 and is a ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2008 certified quality manufacturer well known for clinical, foodservice, and logistics industry products.

  • Has UV technology been tested?

    Yes. Westinghouse Electric, General Electric, and Penn State University, CDC, Harvard Medical and many more have conducted laboratory tests on the effectiveness of UV light on microorganisms. UV light has also been used in wastewater plants and commercial settings for over 70 years.

  • Have indoor airborne contaminates increased and how does HS help to decrease airborne pathogens?

    In the healthcare environment in recent years, the infection rates and introduction of antibiotic superbugs have risen to scary levels. Each time a person uses HealthySole®, they effectively kill millions of organisms that would have otherwise migrated from one area to another and become airborne causing inhalation, horizontal and cross contamination.

  • Is UVC similar to ozone?

    No! Ozone is a chemical and UVC is chemical free. UVC is electromagnetic energy, or rays. Ozone, as a chemical, can mix with the air and travel by air currents into the breathable air space. Ozone oxidizes or alters the chemical structure of material it contacts. UVC does not mix with the air, but travels by wave energy. To be effective, that energy has to be in the line of sight. Further, the UVC energy degrades within a few feet of the light source.

  • Where in the building should we put HealthySole®?

    HealthySole® should be placed in the higher risk areas for infections in a healthcare environment such as the OR, ICU, PICU, dialysis, wound care, labor and delivery, cancer/bone marrow wards, nursing stations, labs, as well as isolation rooms where the infected and highly immune deficient patients are present. The higher the number of HealthySole® units available along with consistent usage decreases the number of infectious pathogens within a healthcare facility.

  • Do microorganisms have to be within sight of the UVC to be killed?

    Yes, germs must primarily be exposed directly. HealthySole®  as a 95%+ exposure rate to the soles of shoes. This allows a very high rate of exposed organisms to the UVC light.

  • What kind of germs and viruses are affected?

    HealthySole® is extremely effective against virtually any microbe including C. diff, MRSA, CRE, VRE, P. aeruginosa and S. pyogenes (See HealthySole®'s live organism kill rate test results under Clinical Studies).

  • Is UV light harmful to people?

    Prolonged, direct exposure to UV light is harmful to all living organisms, including people. HealthySole® has been designed with safety in mind (ETL, CETL, CE listed) and a rapid 8-second disinfection time. There is a safe minimum exposure to people allowed, but we do not recommend any UVC exposure to eyes or skin. Do not step on the device while wearing socks or other fabric footwear.

  • What is the life of the UV lamp?

    HealthySole's patented high-output UV lamps need to be replaced once a year for the highest efficacy and kill rates.

  • What is the warranty?

    1 year. Please see the Warranty PDF under Downloads for details.