HealthySole in Cleanrooms

The HealthySole® Plus is the first and only chemical-free, 24/7-active, patented, UVC shoe sole, boot sole or bootie decontamination device. HealthySole® Plus kills dangerous organisms that otherwise lead to migration and contamination via aerosolization and horizontal transmission. HealthySole® Plus is a turn-key addition to the existing contamination control protocols in a clean room or contained space where provisions are made to reduce particulate or pathogen contamination to protect the development or manufacturing of sensitive products. HealthySole® Plus has been independently tested by several medical, scientific and research groups in the US and results have been published to support the high efficacy against pathogenic organisms.

High levels of contaminating particles enter critical environments on the bottom of footwear. Industries such as medical device manufacturing or reprocessing, pharmaceuticals, sterile or raw materials manufacturing, biotech and life sciences can add the HealthySole® Plus UVC device as the last layer of defense to these dangerous organisms. The HealthySole® Plus UVC decontamination process takes 8 seconds and requires no touching (hands-free) of the device by anything other than the targeted shoe soles or booties. A randomized, double-blinded kill rate efficacy study (200 pairs of shoes) resulted in a 2.71 log reduction of S. aureus (MRSA), 2.37 log reduction of E. coli and a 2.37 log reduction of E. faecalis.