Landmark Surgery Center Completes Study of HealthySole Plus Shoe Sole Disinfection System Related to SSI's

Dr. Richard C. Lehman. MD U.S. Center for Sports Medicine, Chief Medical Officer

The HealthySole decontaminates the soles of shoes, booties and dedicated theatre footwear, which are a proven vector of dangerous pathogen transmission to the floors of the OR. After researching the available data and HealthSoles's claims, we agreed to test and study the HealthySole technology and establish protocol requiring all OR personnel who walked in and out of the surgical suite to stand on the device for an 8 seconddisinfection process. The 8 second HealthySole exposure time, allows UVC light in the device to kill up to 99% of the pathgens on the soles of all footwear or booties that otherwise enter the theatre. Our study found that implementing HealthySole into our existing protocol did not interfere with workflow and was used approximately 20,000 times over the course of 10 months.

Results of the study determined HealthySole to be a significant addition to our infection control protocol. At the conclusion of the study, Landmark went from an existing low infection rate to not having a single patient contract an SSI. The only modification to our infection control protocol was the addition of HealthySole. While we cannot attribute the lack of SSI's solely to the introduction of the HealthySole technology, we are firmly convinced that the data supports the conclusion that the HealthySole played a major role in keeping our facility safer and infection free.