HealthySole Plus 97.35% Exposure Pixel Analysis. UV Light Shoe Sole Exposure Results.

Frank Mascarich, B.S. CSE Report 5/13/16

This report details an analysis of an image demonstrating the exposure of a surface to UV light using the HealthySole Plus. A pixel by pixel analysis was performed on a color image showing the chemical reaction in the presence of UV light. The irrelevant portions of the image were masked out and the remaining were inspected for intensity. Images are stored in RGB values in which each pixel is represented by three numbers, a red value, a green value, and a blue value. These values vary from 0 to 255 where 0 is the strongest color value (black) and 255 is the weakest color value (white). Since the detection medium is blue, the analysis looks at the intensity of blue in each pixel and counts how many pixels are below a certain threshold. This report used a threshold of 180. The right foot scored an exposure of 97.9%, while the left foot scored an exposure of 96.8%, yielding an average exposure over both shoes of 97.35%.