Company History and Background

Founded in 1900 in Brooklyn, New York, DETECTO has a long tradition of manufacturing excellence in the clinical, foodservice, logistics, and retail POS markets. In 1981 the company was acquired by Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company, based in Webb City, Missouri, where its corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are still located today.

DETECTO is the largest clinical scale manufacturer in the United States. The DETECTO brand is known around the globe for manufacturing the eye-level weighbeam physician scale used in doctor’s offices and clinics all over the world.

DETECTO has dealers in 110 countries and has shipped products to 150 countries around the world. The company was awarded the Missouri Governor’s “Exporter of the Year Award” in 2008. The company is privately-held and currently in its third generation of management.

From small pediatric scales and foodservice portion scales to large platform wheelchair scales and high-capacity warehouse receiving scales, the DETECTO name has been synonymous with weighing accuracy and high quality at a competitive price since 1900.

In recent years, the company has diversified engineering and manufacturing into other product lines outside the category of weighing and measurement, including step-on can waste receptacles for biohazardous waste, medical crash carts, glove box holders, restaurant trash can dumping devices, and now the HealthySole® UVC germicidal disinfection unit.

DETECTO’s research and development, engineering, manufacturing, customer service, sales/marketing, and technical support departments are all located in-house at the factory in Webb City, MO. Additionally, DETECTO has a stocking warehouse located in Toronto, Canada and a UK sales office in Bury St. Edmunds, England for EU trade.

DETECTO exhibits at trade shows around the world including Arab Health in Dubai, Medica in Germany, and FIME in Miami, FL. The DETECTO name is consistently ranked as one of the most recognizable and credible brand names for clinical measurement accuracy in the entire medical industry.

DETECTO is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 certified for manufacturing quality systems. The company is also registered with the Food & Drug Administration as a medical device manufacturer.

For more information about DETECTO, please feel free to call our friendly customer service team at (800) 641-2008.